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Revolutionising GRC beyond Excel to encompass 360° security coverage.

Who are we
Risk Assessment

Identifying and analysing hazards and mitigations to determine effective measures for eliminating, mitigating or managing risks.

Threat Modelling

Reveal security threats and potential vulnerabilities, and analyse possible mitigation stratergies.


Managing compliance programs as well as changes to obligations and regulations, assessing compliance and remediating non-compliance.

Business Continuity

Preparing organisations to defend, react, and recover efficiently and effectively in the event of disruption.


An in-depth examination of an establishments security status to ensure that appropriate measures are implemented.

How it works


Securea’s dynamic dashboards give users a clear and comprehensive summary of their infrastructure’s security. From compliance levels to risk values, at a glance every user can make data-informed decisions in a fraction of the time.

Threat Analysis

Within core mapping, correlations between threats and measures that reduce either their likelihood or impact are reviewed. These mappings can be viewed either from the perspective of threats, or from the perspective of measures.

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Securea encompasses a codebook of standards and legislation, divided up into individual clauses, as well as a codebook of requirements. For examining the degree of compliance, they enable the generation of applicability statements and compliance reports.

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Threats from cyber-attacks, natural disruptions, fraud, and human error leave your company’s assets and reputation at risk. Securea enables operational resilience in proactively identifying threats and implementing procedures to better protect your company.

Securea provides methodological support for risk analysis, registration of asset groups, recording of threats, and assessment of the level of implementation of measures for specific assets. This suite of functions enables the calculation of risk level based on a combination of the value of assets, the probability of threats, and the effectiveness of the measures applied to the assets.

In parallel, Securea also maps implemented measures directly to the requirements of different legislative acts, international standards, and governance frameworks. It produces reports on the organisation’s degree of compliance with the set of requirements determined by international standards and legislative requirements, such as ISO 27001, the Cybersecurity Act, and the Law on IT in Public Administration.


Data Mapping

Securea prevents the complication, repetition and overlap of excessive spreadsheets across multiple departments. Unlike static documents, rarely used to manage day-to-day activities, Securea reflects your company’s real-time status, in a singular, comprehendible portal.


Implementation of Securea is preceded by conducting a series of guided interviews with the asset owners, during which everything of value to the company from an information security perspective is mapped, the measures that have already been applied are identified, before the manifestation which further measures need be implemented.


Securea calculates every risk, threat, and control factor, provides targeted solutions, and generates a concise overview that enables every user to comprehend their security status and implement a top information security management system.


We understand each organisation is different in its structure and needs. Securea is adaptable to companies of various sizes and industries, their specific requirements, and objectives. We work closely with each of our clients to set and reach their goals.

Operative Insight

Securea’s dynamic dashboards give users a clear and comprehensive summary an infrastructure’s security. From compliance levels to risk values, at a glance every user can make data-informed decisions in fraction of the time.

​The level of comprehension, time, and capacity required to dedicate to the implementation of an information security management process is often immense. Amplified by the inefficient, labour-intensive procedures commonly used, spreadsheets often cause unnecessary complexity and repetitiveness across excessive static-form documentation, resulting in a list of problems and a lack of solutions.

Securea was developed to explicitly address the implementation and functionality challenges of information security management through a tool that creates direct relationships among assets, as well as functional gateways between configuration management databases and software. It prioritises these assets according to tailored needs and the most impactful threats, and provides data-informed solutions.

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